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Why was my ad flagged?
Where is my ad?
Why did it get flagged again?

A New Type of Classified Ad Service

Where the community decides what the ads are about, not what ads you can see.


If it's legal and doesn't infringe on the rights of others you can post it.

We don't want to limit what you post, instead we want to let you decide what you want to see.



"Don't flag it, #tag it!" is our motto.

If people find your ad funny, they can tag it as #funny and people looking for funny ads can find it by searching for #funny. If the ad is a scam, people can tag it #scam and people can filter out ads tagged as #scam.

Don't want to see ads that are scams, NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or adult? You can filter out any ad that has the #scam, #nsfw or #adult tag.

On another site, your ad might get flagged just because somebody doesn't like it (maybe a competitor?) and you have no recourse, nor do you even get to know why. Your ad is just gone. Here we are very transparent, if your ad is actually suspended, you will be able to see why and actually appeal the removal.

Datacenter Computers


Designed from the beginning to be used easily from your smartphone, not as an afterthought. Both iPhone and Android apps are coming soon.

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