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    Isocyalic Acid A-B for melting metals

    Chemical name: Isocyanic acid A – B

    Type: Acid ISOCIAN

    Density: 1450 g/l.

    Weight: 1500g

    Physical characteristics: colorless, tasteless, bubbleless, clear liquid. 6-8 mm reinforcement can be broken, and after 20 minutes can be easily broken into crushing.
    Manufacturer: Ukraine

    Product packaging:

    The product is packaged in 1; 5; 10; 25 kg 4 types. Outside there is an iron crust, ceramic inner beam. Outside with the inscription PVSW and TUSW.

    Scope: as a source of quality improvement. Price stones play an active role.

    Testing authority: 803 military test vacuum chamber

    Expiration date: No expiration date

    Email: [email protected]

    Tel/Whatsapp: +380994560736

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