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    We specialize in the manufacture of cleaning chemicals and detergents made to customer specifications. Our clientele range from the hospitality industry, motor vehicle industry and food manufacturers to the private sector.All our products are labeled with name, description, dilution and application method of the product which is very straightforward and easily understood!

    We have the following in stock and ready for supply

    -Hydrochloric Acid
    -Nitric Acid
    -Calcium Carbide
    -Vitamin K3
    -Sodium Metabisulfite
    -Sodium Dichromate Anhydrous
    -Chromic Acid
    -Chromium III Metal Finishing Chemicals
    -Leather Chemical for:
    1. Tanning
    2. Chrome Retanning
    3. Basification Processes

    Do contact us for inquiries and fast response.

    Whatsapp +90 537 064 57 82

    Email: [email protected]

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