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    Our expertise has been around just for a few years and we remain one of the most reliable online shops to buy Cuban cigars online.

    All our boxes are not just checked once but thrice to ensure originality and they come with the original Habanos seal and barcode which you can check its authenticity in the Habano Authenticity system.

    We Store in Spain, and ship throughout Europe, USA inclusive.
    About 85% will be sealed but due to stringent quality control on our stock of Cuban cigars, you may receive some boxes with cut Cuban warranty and Chevron seals (especially aged or vintage or anything EL or RE).
     We also have High Quality Cigars (Cohiba, Montecristo, Trinidad, Ramon Alones, Bolivar, ROMEO Y JULIETA etc.) For Sale.

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    Whatsapp: +1 323 6960 294

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